Church Committee

  • Mr. Thomas  Zarek - Chairman
  • Mr. Stephen Mendrzychowski - Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Glen Sleczkowski - Second Vice Chairman
  • Mrs. Brenda Richard - Recording Secretary
  • ​Wanda Janusz - Treasurer


Duties of the Church Committee

The management of the material matters of a Parish rests in the hands of the Parish executed by the Parish Committee with the Pastor.

The Parish Committee shall consist of the Pastor, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, and not less than three(3) Directors.  

The duties of the Parish Committee includes:


  • to assist the Pastor in all matters pertaining to the development of the Parish's spiritual and material life;
  • to fulfill all Parish resolutions adopted in accordance with the aims, objectives and spirit of this Church;
  • to fulfill all of the synodal enactments and resolutions of this Church;
  • to keep proper and accurate books and records of the Parish's business, income and expenditures;
  • to render to the Parish at its annual meeting a summary report of the Parish Committee's official transactions;
  • to pay the salary and benefits of the Pastor, Administrator, Assistant Priest and the salaries and wages of all other Parish employees;
  • to render to the Diocesan Bishop an annual account of its Parish's financial standing and pay him the Parish's financial obligations due this Church in compliance with the synodal enactments and resolutions in accordance with Article XXI;
  • to render once every four (4) years to the Diocesan Bishop an accurate and complete list with addresses of its members in good standing;
  • to keep all of the Parish documents establishing title to the Parish property, Parish charter, and other important Parish documents in a bank safe deposit box.

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Church of the Holy Cross

320 High Street
Central Falls, RI 02863
National Catholic Church


Father Senior Robert Nemkovich Jr., administrator


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Sunday Mass 10:30 a.m.

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